Yes – Bull Sharks Are Born Live

YES – Bull Sharks are born live. After a gestation period of give birth to well-developed, live young. After gestating for 12 months, a female bull shark may give birth to litter that numbers as many as 13 live young. At birth, a newborn bull shark is already capable of free swimming and viviparous. The average length of a bull shark pup is 28 inches (2 feet, 4 inches) long at birth.

Lagoons, rivers, canals and creeks are common habitats for bull shark mothers to deliver pups. Moving inshore decreases the odds of bull shark pups encountering many potential large predators they would otherwise encounter offshore. In Florida, recreational fishermen often encounter juvenile bull sharks in Atlantic Intracoastal waterway, including the Indian River Lagoon, which straddles the Atlantic coastline for 155 miles. Bull sharks in South Florida canals have been observed and documented.

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