Florida Boy Bitten by Shark in Homestead, Florida.

A seven-year old boy was bitten in the leg in the shallow waters off Homestead Bayfront Park in Homestead, Florida. According to reports from regional news outlets, the child suffered three bite marks from a small shark reportedly resembled a bull shark, but not positive identification was confirmed.

“When I went into the water, it was like an animal and it bit me,” Jacob recalled. “It was in three spots. here, here and here.”

“All we saw was the blood coming down,” his mother Ethel told WSVN.

According to Ethel, Jacob didn’t cry from the attack.

“He was cool, calm and collected,” she said. “I, on the other hand, was a mess.”

Due to the age of the victim,Jacob’s last name hasn’t been publicly disclosed, but his mother, Ethel told news media outlets that the lifeguards on duty responded quickly to treat her son’s injuries, which ultimately required 19 stitches. Jacob and his mother don’t hold a grudge against whatever may have bitten him.

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