Bull Shark Fishing in South Florida Canals: Video Footage

The footage below, published by Captain Solo on YouTube, features a recreational fisherman catching two bull sharks in unspecified canals in South Florida. Bull sharks are known to inhabit canals, inlets and rivers throughout Florida, ranging from canals across Miami-Dade and the Everglades, all the way north to the Indian River Lagoon, as well as the Mantazas River in Flagler County. Juvenile bull sharks have also been sighted and caught in Halifax River, located in Volusia County.

The footage in the second video was posted by Frost Productions and was recorded at another unspecified canal in Florida. He described the experience: I hooked a roughly 150 pound bullshark at my dock when filming a catfish video. I was using 15lb braid and a 5/0 circle hook. 3 and a half minutes in, he spit the hook. I thought he would bite through the braid but when I reeled in the hook, the braid was fine. I have heard stories about bull sharks in canals and deep in rivers but this is the first time I have ever encountered one. How awesome!”

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