Bull Shark Bite Strength | Bull Shark Bite Pressure PSI

Of all sharks, the bull shark can tout a bite pressure PSI among the highest of all species.

According to marine biologist Philip Motta of the University of South Florida in Tampa and his colleague Maria Habegger, pound-for-pound, a bull shark of the same size would have a stronger bite. Motta and his colleagues measured bite forces from 13 shark species. (“It’s not easy,” he says.) In a direct comparison, they report that a 9-foot-long bull shark has a bite force of 478 pounds, while an 8-foot-long great white has a bite with 360 pounds of force.

“An 18-foot-long great white will still have a more powerful bite than an 11-foot bull shark, just by virtue of its size,” Motta says. “But pound-for-pound, a bull shark of the same size would have a stronger bite.”

Habegger told BBC Nature, “We expect strong bite force values in the larger sharks that occupy top positions in the food chain, for example, the great hammerhead, great white shark, tigers and bull sharks.”

“These species usually prey upon large prey items such as dolphins, turtles and other sharks, so high bite forces are expected due to the mechanical demands of this type of prey,” she continued.

To determine the relative value of bite force, pound per pound, the researchers calculated a way to remove body size from the equation.

The maximum bite force for adult bull sharks is 6,000N. The researchers noted that this is much greater than the force required to kill and eat prey.


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